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Lower overhead than other companies, no sales commissions, no fancy offices, no phone menus, just good old fashioned customer service.

We are a family based company, and as a father of two small children, I trust my products to the extent that I use them to clean my own home - so you can be assured that our methods will be safe for yours. For years we have been using cleaning solutions that are as environmentally safe and "green" as possible, and we do our research to provide you with the most up-to-date methods possible .  For just one example, we recently upgraded our wands to decrease the drying time if you need anything steam cleaned. We even use a truck mounted system to provide the quickest and most effective results. We can also use an Encapsulation method of cleaning which will give you a FASTER drying time  as well as fiber protection.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me 24/, and we will respond as soon as possible.  If I cannot answer please leave a message - more than likely I am on a customer service call.  Whatever your request, expect to see me, as I personally supervise and assist with all cleaning work.
We service large companies such as Red Lobster, O'Toole's, Applebee's, Keeler Auto Dealerships, and The Olive Garden. Aviation companies such as Flight Options and Aviti Air trust us in cleaning and maintaining their million dollar business aircraft.  This is because not only am I the owner and operator of Power-Kleen, but I am also a commercial rated pilot.
Mission Statement:
To give you outstanding customer service and to give you the *WOW* factor once we leave your home or business.  To build a reputation based on the recommendations of satisfied customers, and never have to rely on traditional advertising as a result - instead relying on "word of mouth".  Bottom line - the less money spent on advertising, the better savings I can provide to my customers,  and happier customers I will have.
Clean carpets and Healthy Kids!
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